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  • Solid anchoring without concrete

  • Closure cap to keep anchor clean

  • Constructed of galvanised steel plate

  • The use of a soil spear is to secure your rotary dryer without the use of garish concrete. Simply knock the spear in with a mallet; no need to dig the ground up to set it in.. The great thing is that without the use of concrete they can be pulled up easily, and there is minimal damage to your lawn, or garden landscape.. . Key Features:. . Stable: anchor point; using fins on the sides of the tube ensures that it will not wobble in the soil.. Cap: prevents the tube filling up with dirt. Its also perfectly suited to allow grass cutting to continue without becoming caught on. Also has a notch to allow storage on the rotory line itself when the dryer is in the tube. Finally the cap has a useful easy lift mechanism.. Ideal Spot: as the soil spear is not intrusive you can have multiple spikes around the garden for different times of year, to make best use of the sun.. Guarantee: of 2 years..

    Brabantia Soil Spear - metal - Metal grey - 45 mm for Rotary Topspinner and Lift-O-Matic - B0002EXYRA

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