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  • 1. Name:  10Pcs Golden Bowel Lotus Seeds 2. Color: Golden 3. Quanlity: Approximately  10±1Pcs 4. Weight: Approximately 10gSow reference: 1. Sowing time:Lotus seeds do not have hibernation,as long as the water temperature above 16 ? , the four seasons all can sow.Lotus seeds under the condition of appropriate temperature and illumination, it will takes about 50 to 60 days from sowing to flowering,and  spring and autumn maybe needs 60-80 days. 2. Seed treatment:Lotus seed shell is hard and dense,must be manually scarped a crevasse before soaking.Lotus seed has a small tip on one side and have a small pit on the other side.make the seed torn in the rough concrete or use pliers clip broken a sip by small pits.Be careful not to hurt the embryo, and also don't go to shell. 3. Seed soaking:Summer water temperature 20 ? to 30 ? is well suited for lotus seed germination,depending on how much seed with a bowl or pot of water,and it is better above the seeds.Put them in the interior, change water twice a day, can sprout within 1 week.Can put them under the sunshine place after germination, strengthen the light, not lack of water. Fine roots will Grow after 2 weeks and 2 ~ 3  leaves such as money, roots  can be partial planted. 4. Bud seedling transplanting:Choice the pot with diameter of 18 cm ~ 30 cm without bottom hole or plastic flower pots,put half basin no chemical pollution river pond or garden earth,and water soaking two weeks in advance and don't fertilization.Press the seedlings into the soil when transplanting,each potted with a root.And pour the right amount of water,make sure water will not drown the leaves. 5. Outumn and winter management:transplanting after 2 ~ 3 weeks, to grow into the most productive period,if the leaf become yellow,you can topdressing small amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium ternary compound fertilizer,loose fat frequently applied.Lotus

    Bheema 10Pcs Golden Bowel Lotus Seeds - B00JP5K8LC

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