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  • Sock Holders

  • Easy to put any where you like, no blind area increase the safety.

  • Compact and Lightweight Product

  • 4 Color random ship

  • Item Parcel Quantity:30

    Use sock holders to keep socks together in washer and dryer. Adjustable flower shaped hole makes them suitable for any type of sock
    from thin to heavy sports socks. No more losing or missing socks.
    Use sock holders to put an end to sorting hassles.
    For colors available for easier association - assign a special color for each member of your household.
    Available in packs of 10 units, 30 units, 60 units or 100 units.

    Cooplay Sock Holders Stockings Ring Clip Locks Washing Sorters Organizer Tool for House (30) - B0102SXAN8

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